Pastoral Plan: Yes, You Are in There!


    This past weekend after nearly two years of hard work and preparation, our new Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan was introduced. The recommendations in this Plan address the most frequently identified pastoral needs that touch the hearts of our people today. We encourage you to visit to read and study the new Plan. Archbishop Gregory shares your excitement about the future of this local Church, and, with our new Pastoral Plan to guide us, he looks forward to working with you to share the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout our Archdiocesan family of faith!

Being Seated After Mass Has Begun


  Please be considerate of others if you arrive after Mass has begun. If Mass has begun please wait until the singing of the responsorial psalm, when the congregation stands for the gospel acclamation, or during the Creed before entering and please use the side aisles. Also, please wait until homily is complete. Thank you for your cooperation.



Welcome to Our Lady of the Mount!  I’m happy that you’re checking our website and hope you find the information you need.  If not, please call the parish office (706 820 0680). Our Lady of the Mount is a rather small, but welcoming Catholic community situated on the very top of Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee, one of the most beautiful places in the South.  While the parish is physically located in the Georgia part of the Mountain  (Archdiocese of Atlanta) our parishioners live and work in both Tennessee and Georgia.  Throughout the year we welcome visitors from across the … Continue reading